Cando Credit Consulting used a unique approach that got action. It was legal and effective. The president of the company, Doug Cannon, had been in the mediation industry for over 32 years, and was recognized as 'top mediator in Canada' with both FCA and Creditel. In over 20 years of operation, Cando Credit Consulting has successfully serviced over 1,000 clients.

Cando was NOT a collection agency (who's high rates are between 25-50% of money recovered). With Cando, the money was payable to YOU. Furthermore, the rates did not fluctuate or increase - they were fixed no matter how old your contract. An annual retainer covered expenses incurred (as in most cases it was necessary to visit the people who owed you money). Additional costs, only if necessary, may have included bailiffs, lawyers and court fees.

Completely legitimate and legal, Cando Credit Consulting represented over 25 law firms, engineering and construction companies, car dealerships, food terminals and many other types of businesses and industry.

Cando provided personalized service in recovering debts owed anywhere in the world. Cando continued to negotiate debts of any amount, worldwide, as long as was while under a retainer.

Using the most up to date technology and tracing methods to recover the money, Cando got paid when you were presented with a certified cheque.