Dance Cue Sheets


Currently, there are a few dance cue sheets available for two of the three dance programs: Line Dancing and Line Tap. If you are looking for Clogging cue sheets, please keep checking back, as they will be available very soon.

Please note that the cue sheets are available for viewing and downloading in three different formats, and are listed as such. The format chosen was dependent on the intricacy of text. The three formats are as follows:

Adobe Acrobat    

Microsoft Word    

or    HTML

NOTE:  If you require Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can get it FREE by clicking  

Click on the page links below to go to the cue sheet lists. Remember to check back again soon to access ALL cue sheet pages.

  • Line Dance Cue Sheets
  • Line Tap Cue Sheets
  • Clogging Cue Sheets