I KNOW there is a child in each of us just waiting for an opportunity to have some fun. Life cannot be all work and no play; we ALL need a little diversion from our everyday routines now and then, be they work or home related, to escape into a world of fantasy and/or mindless activities.

Well, here is where you'll find some of what you are looking for. Besides the "Holiday Specials" section that I have included in this Website, this page will provide you with some fun stuff of a more 'general' theme.

Drop by whenever you feel the urge for a QUICK trip to the unusual or bizarre side of life, where you can 'play' and 'get away from it all'.

The links on this page may change or become unavailable at any time, depending on the status of the hosting website. If you SHOULD find that an item is no longer accessible after a number of attempts, please drop me a line to let me know, as I do not monitor the links on a regular basis. I will try to add more activities and amusements as time goes on. By the way, if you require any of the enhanced programs of Macromedia, Shockwave or Flash, etc., they are usually available through most of the fun links. Enjoy your stay, and hopefully you will return to the 'real' world REFRESHED (notice that no mention was made of returning to 'normal'). Make sure your SOUND is turned on for most of these.


Wastepaper Basketball!

Try your skill at tossing scrap paper balls into a wastebasket. The skill requirement is taken up a notch by the presence of a fan. You will need to determine your throwing angle to take into consideration the wind velocity of the fan.  This game could become QUITE addictive! Click on the bouncing ball:

Gaming Club Slots.

Here's a chance for you to try your luck at a basic slot machine. Set your bets and spin those reels! Hope you have some fun with this one, and that you BREAK THE BANK! You might also find other slots or games while at this site. Click on the slot machine icon.

Trap Shoot.

"Load up that rifle o' yern and git ready to bag yerself a chick'n fer dinner". Just follow the directions given at the opening screen, then aim and click your left mouse button to FIRE! "Ya git ta chews yer hillbilly player as well as yer targits": clay pigeons, beer cans, and chickens. "Them thar chick'ns'll keep ya perdy darn bizzy"; in fact, as the game progresses, they become harder to nab. Good luck with the hunt, and I hope y'all don't go hungry! Click on the 'Billy Bob' hillbilly icon.

Octoberfest Beer Shoot.

There's an Octoberfest Beer Garden party goin' on and YOU are going with a power water gun loaded with beer. Your goal is to keep everyone happy by shooting beer into the guests mouths as they stand up. You may think that it's easy, but as the game progresses, the guests stand and sit back down faster with the music and you have to react more quickly. Of course, the surrounding animals get in the act, too! So load up that beer gun and take aim. Enjoy. Click on the beer garden icon.

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