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I introduced Line Tap into the East District Toronto Parks and Recreation dance program options in September of 2000 as an alternative dance form specifically designed to suit the needs of older adults and seniors.

Since many participants had been involved in line dancing and clogging programs that were in existence over the years prior to its inception, Line Tap seemed like a refreshing addition to the family of the recreational dance venue. After all, most participants would have already been familiar with some form of timing and rhythm.

Line Tap provides for a lower-impact form of tap dancing, generally done to music of slow to moderate speed, while the tap steps are performed in a typical rythmic pattern incorporating a steady, flowing movement.

Although Line Tap follows the basics of regular tap, much of the choreography is designed to simplify the memorization of movement, steps, and routines through the use of easily-executed tap steps and repetition.

The music used for Line Tap is primarily that which is very familiar to most of our participants, such as jazz, big band, and musicals. Much of this music is similar to that which is used in regular tap; however, it could even incorporate modern or pop music.

Currently, Line Tap classes are held at the following centres:


  • Birkdale Community Centre
  • L'Amoreaux Community Recreation Centre
  • Scarborough Village Recreation Centre


    Please note that additional information and full details on this and other programs can be found in the City of Toronto East District Parks & Recreation Guide available from most recreation centres, if it is not delivered to your door. Remember that these dance programs may be listed in The Guide under TWO different classifications: Arts & Heritage and Older Adults.

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