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This is where you will find additional pictures of our Scarborough City Dancers at special gatherings, functions, and OTHERWISE 'playing' and having fun.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me wherever you see an email icon. Also, if you are a member of our group and would like to contribute a relevant, and/or interesting (reasonably good) photo from one of our FUN events, PLEASE arrange to pass it along to me or send it as an attachment in an email. I'll make every effort to include it in our Album.

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Country & Traditional Jamboree, October 29, 2005 Photos:    WITH SOUND!


1)  Mandarin Restaurant March 2005 Photos:    WITH SOUND!
We had quite a turnout for this luncheon: approximately 92. Everyone seemed to REALLY enjoy themselves, and it gave many the opportunity of not only renewing old acquaintances but meeting new friends. It certainly proved to be a GREAT way to socialize in a different setting. I would like to point out that we had an official 'farewell' committee (self-appointed, I might add), known as the "Birkdale Table" comprised mostly of the Birkdale dancers. Each time, as people were leaving after the luncheon and walking past the table, the Birkdale group sang IN UNISON the song "So Long, Farewell" from the well-known production of the "Sound of Music" along with body/arm movements. It was evident that the Mandarin would NEVER be the same again, and that they would remember us all for quite some time!   Enjoy the pictures!

2)  Mandarin Restaurant June 2005 Photos:   WITH SOUND!
Yes, believe it or not, we were allowed back to the Restaurant to hold our SECOND luncheon and THIS time we had 100 members in attendance. Can you imagine THAT many hungry people converging on an establishment? The staff must have thought they were being taken by storm! All joking aside, the folks at the Mandarin were extremely good natured and very pleased to have us back. Jackie Kong, Managing Partner of the Restaurant, was great to work with and very accommodating in making all the arrangements. Once again, a great time was had by all......and, YES, not to forget the 'Birkdale Table'. It was at this luncheon that Joy MacFadyen presented me with the gift of the portrait that she had painted of me. If you haven't already seen the oil portrait by this talented artist, please check the 'Other Pictures' section at the Scarborough Village R. C. page.   Enjoy the pictures in this section!

3)  Mandarin Restaurant November 28, 2005 Photos:   WITH SOUND!
Well, we made it back for yet ANOTHER luncheon BASH, believe it or not! This marks our THIRD time back to the Mandarin Restaurant. This time we had a RECORD 145 hungry folks converging on this wonderful establishment. The management AND staff of the Mandarin were extremely accommodating, and were very pleased to have us back. Jackie Kong, Managing Partner of the Restaurant, personally expressed his best wishes and remarked how pleased he was with such a fantastic turnout. Once again, the 'Birkdale' group did their best to bid fond farewell to everyone as they were leaving at the conclusion of the luncheon......waving their (wet) napkins in the air while singing SEVERAL rounds of "So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Good-bye" (there's a picture for you to see).   Enjoy the pictures in this section!
4)  Mandarin Restaurant November 30, 2009 Photos:   WITH SOUND!
5)  Mandarin Restaurant May 30, 2011 Photos:   WITH SOUND!
Here we are in our SEVENTH....yes, SEVENTH year at the Mandarin, celebrating May 2011 together. It was ANOTHER successful and fun gathering! We had approximately 100 dancers and friends for the event. The management AND staff of the Mandarin were AGAIN extremely helpful, and catered to our every need. Enjoy the pictures in this section!


1)  The Old Scott House Restaurant 2003 and 2004 Photos:    WITH SOUND!
For a number of years, The Old Scott House has been the home of a talented group of performers, who put on a very entertaining dinner show. When we were there in December 2003 for our Christmas party, their show was entitled, "The Las Vegas Revue". Everyone had such a good time that we decided to go back and hold our Christmas 2004 party there. The show took on the new title of "Broadway Days - Las Vegas Nights", but the performers STILL used their musical talents, pizzazz, humour, and glitzy style to captivate the audience. The dinner show is actually on throughout the year, not just at Christmas. The dinner selection was excellent and the staff very obliging. Enjoy our pictures! If you would like more information on The Old Scott House and their venue, click on the photo icon below to visit the website.!